• Ways to Keep Your Family Active in Winter

    Outdoor recreation is part of your children’s school day on Long Island, but it’s still important to encourage outdoor play after school and on the weekends. Keep your family active all year-round by looking for a fun winter sport that everyone can enjoy. Sign up for ice skating lessons, for instance, or simply bundle everyone up in snowsuits and go sledding. Or, take your cue from your kids’ preschool curriculum, which undoubtedly encourages creativity. When the weather outdoors is too wintry, build a combination fort/obstacle course in the living room.

    Use blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes, and other random items around the house to construct tunnels to climb through and forts to defend from imaginary dragons. Another fun game to play indoors is balloon volleyball. Set up two chairs in the living room, about three to four feet apart from each other. Tie a piece of yarn to each chair to form a “net.” Then, blow up a balloon and play volleyball. If you’ve got plenty of yarn to spare, set up a “laser” maze. Zigzag yarn all over the room to mimic laser beams and create an obstacle course. The goal is to get from one end of the room to the other without touching any of the “lasers.”