Learning Centers in Long Island

Each day your child will experience the many fun-filled learning centers at the South Shore Children’s Center.

English/Language Arts

Children are introduced and exposed to English language arts through a multitude of lessons and strategies developed to encourage emergent reading readiness and skills. We provide formal handwriting lessons, sight word vocabulary and manipulative experiences all supporting the goal of a strong reading foundation. We offer a print rich environment that allows the center to become part of the overall learning experience.

Math & Manipulative Center

Math attributes, unifix cubes, patterning, puzzles, sorting & lacing toys, houses and farms with people and animals, table and floor puzzles of all sizes and shapes and non-competitive board and table games build fine motor skills used for writing and dexterity. We begin with the concrete exploration of mathematical skills, and offer the abstract concepts in a progressive manner.

Science center

Utilizing hands-on, age appropriate activities children explore science through: Cooking-measuring cups and spoons, liquid measurement, dry measurement; magnifiers, microscopes, light activity table, tape measures, prisms, magnets, balance scale, seasonal science activities, and more. Each week, we offer a different science experience related to our overall theme.

Library-Media Center/ Story time: readings from a variety of quality literature, flannel board, Big Books, independent reading, listening center with headphones and books on tape

Art center

Table art, easel art, cutting, gluing,collaging, the list goes on and on!; here in the art center the children create artwork that reflects our monthly theme, or the letter of the week. Fine motor and gross motor skills are developed and enhanced with table and easel activities. Here they can let their own creativity run free. Our belief is that it is the process, not the product. As a result, the projects are teacher designed, but kid created!


An environment equipped with all the toys they love! We believe in playing to learn through the use of creative expression; which allows children to play out the many different roles that exist within a community & home environment. Building blocks, legos, marble works, cars, boats, trains, planes are used to teach the basics of building and imagination); this center promotes cooperative play and verbalization.

Music and gross motor

Singing, instruments, music appreciation, movement & rhythm are a daily activity the children enjoy. Gross motor skills are developed through structured activities as well as free play, using balls, toys with wheels, parachutes, balance beams, climbing & crawling apparatus, mats and beanbags).

Outdoor Playground

An outdoor play yard with age appropriate climbers, playhouses, slides, balls, chalk and ride on toys.