Early Childhood Education and Care in Long Island

When children are between the ages of 1 and 5, they are naturally curious about the world, and they are eager to learn. Therefore, you will want to seek a child care center that focuses on the educational and developmental needs of young learners rather than settling for a conventional daycare facility. At South Shore Children’s Center, you will find children development programs that are tailored to the unique needs of your child in a playful environment where kids are encouraged to be creative and have fun. Keep reading to explore how our Islip Terrace preschool and childrens education programs cater to children’s needs to lay the foundation for a successful academic future.

Early Childhood Education Needs

As children begin to learn foundational skills at the preschool age, they gain confidence and build their unique identities. Through this process, the appropriate level of support and guidance is integral to success. Children wellness tends to flourish in educational environments that promote multi-sensory learning with a strong social aspect. In addition to a fun and vibrant classroom, children also benefit from the structure of a regular schedule and wholesome snacks and meals to promote overall children wellness.

Flexible Childrens Development Programs

South Shore Children’s Center strives to meet all of the needs of our young students while offering individualized attention for a personal experience in the classroom. Our New York State Certified instructors explore the subjects of math, science, reading, visual arts, and music with students in classrooms boasting low student-teacher ratios to ensure a high level of attention and personal growth for every child.

  • Toddler Time – Toddlers have an incredible amount of energy, so they need shorter lessons with plenty of group activities to stay engaged. Movement, social skills, letters, and number recognition are all skills highlighted in toddler care, which incorporates both fun and learning for our youngest students.
  • Preschool – Our preschool age classroom has a strong emphasis on hands-on learning with a number of tools that promote competency in math, motor skills, reading, and problem-solving. With half- and full-day preschool programs, you can find the ideal schedule for your child as he or she begins to discover the wonders of science and the creativity of visual arts.
  • Pre K – As a preparatory program for students getting ready for elementary school, our pre k program is designed to help children gain more independence in their learning with more advanced areas of curriculum that will be essential for grade school success. Students will explore new vocabulary, written language, number sense, and reading skills.

If you think that South Shore Children’s Center in Islip Terrace may be the right childhood education center, connect with us at (631) 581-1234 to schedule a tour of our campus.