Health and Wellness for School Children in Long Island

As you explore child care and preschool programs for your child, you will want to look into factors beyond curriculum and class size like children health and children wellness programs. While these features are important for your child’s success, you will want to know that your child’s school offers the fundamental element of a clean and safe environment that is fit for learning. South Shore Children’s Center works to maintain an atmosphere that is safe, clean, and child-friendly to enhance the educational experience of our Islip Terrace students. With our clean, conveniently-located Suffolk County facilities and a challenging yet fun curriculum for young children, you can rest assured that your child is getting a great early childhood education in a comfortable, safe place.

A Healthy School Environment

Our early childhood classes are intentionally kept small so that every student is given one-on-one toddler care when it is needed. Small class sizes also ensure cleanliness and organization, which helps students stay focused and engaged in lessons. Here’s a closer look at how we provide the most healthy and comfortable surroundings for our students.

  • Parent roles – Prior to admission, we ask that parents submit medical history forms and immunization records for their preschool age children. This ensures that classroom-spread illnesses are kept at bay to minimize sick days and help students stay engaged in lessons.
  • Classroom design – The exceptional attentiveness of our teachers and staff translates to more successful classroom management so that students follow rules for their safety and health. Classrooms also feature easily accessible supplies for children to use in their playful exploration of our curriculum. These materials are kept clean and tidy so that it is easy to transition between lessons and fit more productive activities into the day.
  • School safety – We work together with parents and family members of our students to create a strong sense of security on campus. Parents are welcome to see their children throughout the day, though there are specific restrictions for after-school pickup to make sure that they are not going home to empty houses or being picked up by unauthorized individuals.

Why the School Environment Matters

When kids feel comfortable at preschool, they are able to grow confidently as they learn new things and build new friendships. That’s why the high standards of South Shore Children’s Center extend beyond curriculum to our school maintenance and cleanliness. This approach harbors success that may be carried on through grade school as kids continue to grow.

The educated and skilled staff of South Shore Children’s Center and flexible program schedules may provide the ideal solution for your child care needs near Islip Terrace. We are registered and licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, so you can trust that your child will be well cared for throughout his or her preschool years. To learn more about our pre k school, call us at (631) 581-1234 today.