Registration is based on availability. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion or national origin.

There must be a medical history form completed by a licensed physician for each child registered submitted prior to admission. All children are required to have the standard immunizations and submit an authorized record of immunizations prior to admission. For safety and well being all the children of South Shore Children’s Center, no child will be admitted without the required medical history forms.

Tuition is based on an annual fee, broken down into 10 monthly payments. In order to maintain your child’s position in his/her class, full tuition payments are required regardless of absenteeism. There are no make-up days. 30 day written notice is required prior to leaving, for any child leaving the program.

There may be occasions when the center must close due to inclement weather. Closing will be announced on stations WBLI 106.1 and Walk 97.5 FM as well as TV NEWS CHANNEL 12 between 6:00AM and 8:00 AM. In the event of an emergency closing during center hours, you will be notified immediately. If you are not home or unable to pick your child up, we will contact your emergency pick up person. No child will be released from the center until arrangements are made to insure they will not be going home to an empty house

For safety of all the children in the center, all exterior doors remain locked from the outside during school hours. However, parents have unlimited access to their children as often as they feel necessary. You may either call ahead or ring the doorbell and a staff member will escort you to your child. Photo ID’s of authorized pick up persons will be maintained in each child’s folder and obtained when they pick child up for the first time. Photo ID of the Primary pick up person with your registration packet